Ms Tammy Hughes, of Results Billing Service has been providing my office with professional billing services related to insurance companies since August of 2011.

I have been most pleased with the professional services that Ms. Hughes has provided for my office. Her services have been professional, timely, and accurate. Ms Hughes pays careful attention to detail and follows up with the various and many insurance companies until payments are collected. I have had no complaints with her services.

I would highly recommend Ms. Tammy Hughes to anyone considering the use of her professional services.

– J M. McCabe, Ph.D.



Tammy has worked for me as my billing agent for the past 3 years. Her responsibilities include doing billing, insurance authorizations, and tracking down claim denials. Before I hired her, my business was stuttering in regards to insurance and collections. After I hired her, she had an amazing impact on the appearance and financial turnaround of my practice. She turned things around almost immediately and as a result I became more profitable. I cannot praise her enough for her work ethic and her ability to get the job done.

– Alex McEntire, MA LPC
Phoenix Counseling and Consulting



I have been in private practice for almost 8 years and Results Billing has been the most efficient and stress-free billing service that I have used. My collections for services has increased greatly due to Ms. Hughe’s efforts of staying on top of insurance companies and pre-authorization requirements, when needed.

I would highly recommend Results Billing and Tammy for all medical practices looking for an honest, efficient billing service.

– Emily J. Towner, MA, LPC  

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